About Us

nineteensixtyeight is a photography platform representing an award-winning, international group of emerging artists, producing and curating creative projects, and providing management and consultancy services to photographers at all stages of their careers.

We specialize in the curation and production of exhibitions, special projects and artistic campaigns through short and longterm partnerships; commission and produce original written content; sell high quality, limited edition prints; and facilitate collaborations between artists, writers, journalists and curators. We also offer a full mentorship program open to photographers at any stage in their careers.

The online platform is a curated space that supplements and establishes dialogues with our offline activities. We are proud to be operating at the intersection of new media and new markets, combining features of a magazine, agency and gallery in our ongoing efforts to promote and situate our artists within an evolving art market.


The revolutionary year from which the name originates was emblematic of a world in flux, characterized by a palpable tension between destruction and creation, conflict and solidarity. Photography was setting global events in motion just as those events were in turn influencing the visual language of the times.

In the spirit of the era, nineteensixtyeight strives to bring contemporary and historical issues into focus through evocative combinations of image and text, challenging traditional conceptions of narrativity and acknowledging that while a picture may be worth a thousand words, the story a photograph tells is never singular.

Each section of the platform is distinctive in its approach to the material, featuring the work of artists and writers who are pushing the boundaries of established genres, and providing original insights into the works and their greater contexts.